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Collaborating with Network Rail to support Ukraine’s Infrastructure

In December 2022 we supplied many tonnes of trestling to aid the Ukrainian Railways – Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ). The funding was announced at the G7 summit and quickly through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and Department for Transport (DFT) was delivered through Network Rail (NR). We worked closely with both UZ and NR to develop generic designs which could be rapidly deployed to support vital rail infrastructure safely and effectively. This was to strengthen damaged bridges enabling aid to both enter Ukraine and export to leave into Europe.

The generic designs had the capability to be both standard shoring towers and / or provide the necessary articulation with optional hydraulic capacity. We met with senior engineers from UZ to both finalise the designs and provide training on the use of the proprietary equipment. Alongside this, full product support information was created in both English and Ukrainian.

The equipment was fabricated using >80% UK steel and 100% UK fabricators in a period of 10 weeks. The equipment was then containerised and transported by rail to its destination.

The equipment used was MAT125 trestling which is a product design based on the Military Trestling. The robustness and versatility of the equipment provided the ideal solution to the challenge.

 The project team was recognised with the Environmental, Social & Governance Award in the 2023 Railway Industry Supply Excellence (RISE) Awards.