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We know getting it right in groundworks is fundamental to successful construction and infrastructure projects.

Everything you need for Foundation Preparation

The right products, design and implementation in preparing the ground at the start of a construction project saves time, removes safety risks and lowers cost.

With our comprehensive range covering trench sheets, trench boxes, waler systems and bracing struts, we can provide the solutions you need to get that key first stage of construction completed safely and on time.

Lightweight shoring: Our comprehensive range of lightweight shoring equipment provides the ideal solution for smaller, short-term shoring applications in restricted areas. The lightweight nature of the range means it can be handled by hand or with smaller excavators, making it ideally suited for minor works and utility maintenance in cities and urban environments.

Trench boxes: We cover a variety of trench depths and different clearance levels, allowing for the laying of wider diameter pipework.

Sheets & frames: We offer both overlapping and interlocking sheet profiles. Ranging from 2m to 7m in length which are ideal for any project, large or small, deep or shallow.

Excavation bracing frames: With a vast range in steel or aluminium, mechanical or hydraulic and with a range of load carrying capacities, combined with our bracing struts, we have the range that meets the needs of any project.

Excavation bracing struts: Our range, from medium to heavy bracing struts, are designed to be highly versatile and are compatible with our bracing systems. The bracing struts are used as intermediate supports, allowing you to indefinitely extend the length of your excavation.





Single-Sided Excavations

Our Temporary Works Product Solutions

We offer temporary works solutions across groundworks support, propping, jacking, formwork, falsework, temporary bridging and temporary access.

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