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Propping and Jacking

We understand the importance of civil infrastructure in a flourishing society.

Support, Strength and Versatility

Whether you are building new infrastructure, providing routine maintenance or need emergency support to civil infrastructure assets, we have the solution you need. At MH International, our experts will support you from early contractor engagement through to implementation to ensure efficiency and success.

Propping: With our extensive range of props carrying axial loads from 10t up to 195t, propping towers and heavy hydraulics supporting loads up to 500t, we have the resources you need to maintain and repair your civil infrastructure assets. 

Hydraulics: Our extensive range of hydraulic jacks, flat jacks and control equipment has been developed to provide an unrivalled service for the controlled application of high load hydraulic systems.

Flat Jacking: Ideal for use in tight applications or when the load must remain, our range of flat jacks is the solution you need. Most commonly used to apply a permanent applied load to safeguard the building fabric, by using grout under pressure.


Bridge Deck / Pier / Abutment Support

Bridge Jacking / Sliding / Launching

Heavy Movement / Weighing

Our Temporary Works Product Solutions

We offer temporary works solutions across groundworks support, propping, jacking, formwork, falsework, temporary bridging and temporary access.

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