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Military Bridging

Our Heavy Vehicle Trench Crossing Units (HVTCU) and Heavy Vehicle BeamBridges (HVBB) are quick to deploy in combat zones. Supplied with installation guides, including video installation guides and written user guides, ground forces will have all they need to install quickly and safely.

Features and Benefits

Any width required – Transported in 1.725m width sections that can be combined to any width required

Rapid installation – 3 soldiers and a suitable crane can lift the units straight onto pre-prepared foundations

Ease of use – Integral lifting points for use with a standard 4 leg chain

Adaptable – Designed for use on various foundations e.g. timber, concrete, etc.

Multi-purpose – The HVTCU can be inverted and simply attached to the end of HVBB to allow for a ramp for the longer HVBB




Tactical Deployment

Disaster Deployment

Typical Highways (HA & HB Loading)

Military Loadings (Up to MLC 150)


Our Military Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to support the military through innovation, reliability and strategic partnership, all backed by a legacy of success and expertise of on-the-ground needs. We work closely with military professionals to provide tailored solutions to fit unique mission requirements.

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