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Temporary Bridging

Whether you need footbridges for pedestrians or heavy duty, longer span bridges for vehicle access, we can help you. We have the ability to engineer installation methods, even into the most challenging scenarios.

Providing or Reconnecting Access Routes

Together with our wide range of products, we offer experience of designing bridging solutions in the most challenging of scenarios. From green field sites and congested city centres, to the most complex environments.

Our bridging and crossing units have long established design credentials, which are in common use by many international state authorities and have a long history of service for both highway, military and other infrastructure applications.

Heavy Vehicle Support Bridges: 

BeamBridge: Our range of beam bridges are designed to suit both highway loading and military loading. We offer both the short gap crossing (3m to 6m) and the larger BeamBridge in both a flat top or roll over configuration (6m to 20m).

Panel Bridges: For longer spans, we use our panel bridges which are designed for highway loading and can reach spans of up to 80m. The bridges are often used in a multi-span arrangement, allowing for longer viaducts to be provided on either temporary or permanent applications.


Trench Crossing

Pedestrian Access

Contractor Haul Roads

Highway Bridges


Our Temporary Works Product Solutions

We offer temporary works solutions across groundworks support, propping, jacking, formwork, falsework, temporary bridging and temporary access.

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