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We’re proud to have played our part in building everything from housing, to the largest most complex. Whether you’re building remarkable new structures or refurbishing existing buildings, we can help you re-imagine spaces. We provide consultative early contractor engagement and complex product solutions, designed by our experienced engineers, dedicated project management and immersive digital engineering tools.

Building Remarkable Spaces

We have a breadth of temporary works solutions which, for new build covers; groundworks (major propping and shoring), formwork & falsework, propping and temporary bridging. Whereas for building refurbishment we cover propping & needling, back propping, crash decks and high load façade retention.

Ground support: Our wide range of groundwork solutions, from the smallest box to the largest bracing frames, combined with a range of struts, allows us to support any size excavation. Adopting hydraulics into the design provides both engineering efficiency and confidence to the customer.

Formwork & falsework: Our supply of both small and large panel formwork, combined with one of the largest fleets of falsework accommodating any scenario, allows for our engineers to design a solution to any scenario.

Propping & shoring: Our Mass products have been developed specifically for the application of building refurbishment with the ability to connect in any configuration making them ideal for applications of propping, needling and façade retention.

Hydraulic support: By combining our hydraulic expertise with the propping solutions, it enables us to engineer the safest most efficient building restraints, ensuring all loads are accommodated and giving the customer ultimate confidence. Alongside this we have developed a comprehensive fleet of flat jacks for the load transfer scenario.

Bridging: We can provide bridging for both site access and public use for spans from 3m to 80m. Our vast experience means we have the ability to engineer a bridge into almost any environment or application.

15/05/18 Glasgow - Atlantic Square facade retention project

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