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Working with a temporary works specialist that understands the needs of infrastructure projects, backed up by engineering excellence and the right solutions, is essential. We provide consultative early contractor engagement and complex product solutions, designed by our experienced engineers, dedicated project management and immersive digital engineering tools.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With a global presence we are committed to reshaping skylines, enhancing communities and bringing your ambitious projects to life. By combining international best practices with our understanding of regional differences, we ensure our world-wide projects deliver on a local scale. Our comprehensive range of solutions are designed to suit a number of applications, whether it’s the refurbishment of existing infrastructure or the building of new.

Ground support: Our wide range of groundwork solutions, from the smallest box to the largest bracing frames, combined with a range of struts, allows us to support any size excavation. Adopting hydraulics into the design provides both engineering efficiency and confidence to the customer.

Propping & shoring: Our wide range of temporary works equipment provides the perfect solution for applications such as bridge deck support, temporary bridge piers, bridge abutment support and cofferdam support.

Bridge jacking: Combining our heavy propping range with our experience and capability with hydraulics allows us to move major infrastructure in almost any scenario; from bearing replacement, bridge sliding to bridge launching.

Falsework: Having both propping systems and panel systems means that we can engineer straight support falsework or spanning falsework to huge spans. The support details and hydraulic control can easily be adapted by combining product ranges.

Heavy hydraulics: Having both the range of jacks with high precision control systems and precision instrumentation, allows us to provide a solution for the most complex hydraulic challenges such as mitigation monitoring & control, hydraulic movement, weighing, flat jacking and stressing & torquing.

Bridging: We can provide bridging for both site access and public use for spans from 3m to 80m. Our vast experience means we have the ability to engineer a bridge into almost any environment or application.

Our Temporary Works Product Solutions

We offer temporary works solutions across groundworks support, propping, jacking, formwork, falsework, temporary bridging and temporary access. Our expertise is also complemented by our specialist team of engineers who provide real-time environmental and structural monitoring solutions.

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