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Military Trestling

Our MAT125 trestling enables operational efficiency by navigating obstacles, overcoming complex terrains and maintaining vital access routes. From emergency response scenarios to military manoeuvres, MAT125 equips your forces to establish crucial infrastructure promptly and securely. Speak to us today to discuss how we can help you.

Features and Benefits

Quick assembly – modular equipment with step-by-step installation guide
Exceptional strength – suitable for heavy military equipment
Robust – able to withstand harsh and challenging conditions and landscapes
Design expertise – choice of standard or bespoke designs
Standard designs – pre-designed towers available from 5m-9m
Bespoke design – we have the expertise to design for your unique requirements
Easy to transport – component parts designed to fit standard containers



Alongside our military trestling, we offer many other types of modular propping with capacities ranging from 4Te to 250Te per leg support. Each can be used as stand-alone propping, trusses or towers.

When combining heavy propping with hydraulic jacks, there are very few scenarios where damaged infrastructure cannot be made safe, whether temporarily or semi-permanently.

Mabey Hire International - Propping Chart

Our trestling is assessed and rated for military and civilian standards with an additional factor of safety of 2.0.


Bridge Deck Support

Multi-span Bridge Pier

Staging Platform

Bridge Pier Support

Hydraulic Lifting to Repair Bridges

Branded 3D model of treslting under a bridge

Our Military Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to support the military through innovation, reliability and strategic partnership, all backed by a legacy of success and expertise of on-the-ground needs. We work closely with military professionals to provide tailored solutions to fit unique mission requirements.

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