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Whether you need to measure structural movement or environmental factors either at the start of works or during your project, we have a wide range of monitoring products and services suitable for you.

Structural and environmental monitoring adapted for your needs

Monitoring in construction can be used to measure the effects of site activity on nearby buildings or to monitor pollution levels of certain substances during construction activity.

Many of our solutions can be adapted to your individual requirements and are set up by our expert engineers. The data from the monitoring sensors is wirelessly transmitted in real-time to our unique web portal, called Insite where you can access, view and analyse it.

We have monitoring solutions for both structural and environmental monitoring.  Our Structural monitoring solutions measure the impact of movement on buildings or structures from nearby activity.  Whereas Environmental monitoring measures the impact nearby activity has on the environment by detecting changing levels of noise, dust, vibration and voc’s (volatile organic compounds).


Full Service Construction Monitoring

Working closely together, from the very beginning of a project, ensures your monitoring equipment provides you with the information you need, to safely manage your works.

  1. Your solution – early engagement with you and our expert engineers ensures we design a tailored monitoring solution to meet your project’s needs
  2. Installation and set up – our team will install the equipment and configure it accurately on site
  3. Alert levels – our unique web portal, Insite, can include pre-determined alert levels to warn when preventative or remedial action needs to be taken, to prevent alert thresholds being met.
  4. Data – Received from the sensors via a logging box to our website portal, your data is transmitted wirelessly in real-time and can be displayed as graphs, schematics and 3D modelling.
  5. Reporting – you can, view, download and analyse your data from the pre-determined templates, to easily manage your reporting.

Our Temporary Works Product Solutions

We offer temporary works solutions across groundworks support, propping, jacking, formwork, falsework, temporary bridging and temporary access.

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