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Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In March 2023, we supplied BeamBridges to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). The challenge we faced was how best to provide short gap crossing capability for the Eastern regions of Ukraine to assist with their defence. Working closely with both the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Defence Equipment and Supplies (DE&S), We adapted the capability of our lightweight short Bridging units to withstand the required military loading.

Through the process, we quickly re-assessed and improved our designs to strengthen the bridge units to a minimum of 100MLC loading (providing the capability to support the largest of tanks). Once complete and approved DE&S, we created written instructions (in English and Ukrainian) and a cloud-based, animated guide accessed by a QR code, which is downloaded regularly on the front line by those serving. 

The bridge units were fabricated using >80% UK steel and 100% UK fabricators in a period of 8 weeks. The equipment was then transported by road to its destination.

We supplied our Heavy Vehicle Support Bridges (HVSB)– both the Heavy Vehicle Trench Crossing Units (HVTCU) and the Heavy Vehicle Support BeamBridge (HVBB). Both units are easily transported via road and easily deployed at location for use.

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